Saturday Activities

As well as all the dancing in the evenings, RSX is once again planning a range of dancing and non-dancing daytime activities for Saturday. Full details to be confirmed, so watch this space! A full timetable of activities will be released closer to the event. In the meantime here’s what we got up to last year:

PLEASE NOTE: Some activities are included in your RSX ticket price and some require an extra charge. We will endeavour to make this clear in the activity list below and in your event booklet. Prices will be listed once confirmed with the activity vendor. Space is limited on some activities due to venue capacity – entry will be on first-come-first-served basis. Please arrive early to avoid disappointment. Late admittance will be at the teacher/session leader’s discretion. Activities and schedule are subject to change, please seek confirmation at the Friday night Welcome Dance.



Niquelle LaTouche is bringing a cultural exchange celebrating the freedom of expression to RSX 2018. Learn steps derived from the Afro-Caribbean diaspora and apply a fusion of Dancehall, African & Soca, foundations in an uptempo routine.

Niquelle LaTouche is a British-born and Caribbean (Dominica) raised practitioner who has performed and taught on stages across the UK and Internationally.  Niquelle also works commercially and choreographs for companies/artists as well as running her multidisciplinary company Niquelle LaTouche Arts.

NOTE: Absolute beginners encouraged! This taster is not included in the RSX Weekend Pass – price £5, payable in cash is required. Correct change required – please pay the duty RSX Committee member. 



Join Eleanor & Hongbae for St Louis Shag taster, another member of Swing dance family started in St Louis Missouri region in 1930s. St Louis Shag has being grown fast, with an especially hot revival all around Europe from last year. All you need to bring is your triple steps, and let’s have fun!

Eleanor, Hongbae and Al M (a.k.a Oxford Shag Team) run Shag classes, and events together for Oxford Lindy Hoppers. This includes running beginners Collegiate Shag Fast track, and organising a Shag event with fabulous guest teachers. OLH and Flea Hoppin’ are the backbone of their classes, and they are planning to add more Collegiate & St Louis shag classes in Oxford.

NOTE: This taster is included in the RSX Weekend Pass. Absolute beginners encouraged! No partner necessary, partners will be rotated through out the class. High/sharp heels discouraged.



Lynn Maslen Photo by Hot Ginger Photography –

Whilst a brilliant dance in its own right suitable for all tempos of swing music, Balboa is also a great way to improve your lindy hop, shag and other dance technique with its focus on connection (as well as being a great fun dance). Suitable for complete beginners, in this taster session Lynn Maslen will give you the tools to try out Balboa on the dance floor right away (and it certainly comes in handy on busy dance floors!).

Lynn dances and teaches Balboa all over the world, most recently competing (as well as MCing) at the California Balboa Classic, but her greatest love is her weekly classes in Reading, Balboa Mondays. Lynn cannot wait to open up the secrets of the wonderful dance of Balboa to you all (then bug you for lots of dances at the socials!).

NOTE: This taster is included in the RSX Weekend Pass. Absolute beginners encouraged! No partner necessary, partners will be rotated through out the class. High/sharp heels discouraged.



Shim Sham at RSX 2016

The Shim Sham is possibly the most performed of the vintage Swing dance routines – fun and engaging, it brings with it a strong sense of community. At RSX 2018 you’ll be able to dip your toe into the wonderful world of Solo Jazz or brush up your skillz with our Shim Sham taster.

Reading Swing Jam‘s Jenn Maghzal will be running through the fundamental moves of the Shim Sham so you can join the community when it’s performed later that evening at the RSX Ball. This class is perfect for absolute beginners or those wanting to polish their basic Shim Sham.

NOTE: This taster is included in the RSX Weekend Pass. Absolute beginners encouraged! No partner necessary. High/sharp heels discouraged.



Reading Swing Exchange 2016

You won’t want to miss the magical Blues at RSX! If you’ve never danced Blues before never fear! RSJ’s Thursday Blues‘ teachers Jenn Maghzal and Jon Dance have got you covered. They’ll be taking you through some of the fundamentals of partnered Blues dancing and set you up with enough material to get your groove on this weekend at our late night Blues Jam Saturday and Farewell Blues Jam on Sunday.

NOTE: This taster is included in the RSX Weekend Pass. Absolute beginners encouraged! No partner necessary, partners will be rotated through out the class. High/sharp heels discouraged.



Tim’s workshop was such a hit last year we had to have him back for more in 2018!

Ukulele’s are super popular and travel friendly instruments, perfect for jamming and taking with you to events! Join Tim Kindred to learn basic chords, strumming patterns and melodies and learn to play some well known songs. There may also be some swing songs in there too!

Tim is a SEN teacher and Lindy Hop dancer with the Swing Era, Birmingham, who just so happens to love playing music. Tim can’t wait to spread the joy of Ukulele playing, jamming and singing to RSX!

NOTE: Absolute beginners encouraged but people with experience also
welcome. Ukuleles will be provided but numbers may be limited. Singing
along is strongly encouraged and all part of the fun!



Get your mind and body ready for the RSX Ball with this guided stretch and unwind session. Jenn Maghzal will lead you through a series of yoga-inspired stretches, working from head to toe, before allowing you the opportunity to unwind with a
short guided meditation.

NOTE: This session is open to anyone no matter your physical ability or
flexibility. Please wear clothing that does not restrict your movement.
Yoga mat or similar strongly recommended. There may be a couple available to borrow. This session will be conducted in bare feet. Warm layers recommended for meditation.



If you find you need a little down time undisturbed in a quiet space, you’re welcome to use Meeting Room 3 when other sessions aren’t running. Please feel free to use this space to read, meditate, stretch or do whatever you need to self-care so long as the activity is silent and doesn’t disturb anyone else using the space.

NOTE: This session is included in the RSX Weekend Pass.



Reading Swing Exchange 2016

It’s back by popular demand! After last year’s well attended tour, Reading local and ale aficionado Jamie Duffield will once again be hosting the Real Ale Tour of Reading, giving you an insiders guide to local brewing gems and hidden treasures.

Jamie’s got loads of experience with the local beer and ale scene having worked with many of the local pubs, he’s a key figure behind the Reading Beer Festival and a keen brewer himself!

NOTE: The tour itself is included in the RSX Weekend Pass but food or drink consumed during the tour is at the attendees own cost. Please drink responsibly.



Reading Abbey & Gaol

Avid history buff Kate Charlton will once again be leading the historic tour of Reading around the town center, taking in the Abbey
ruins, the place that inspired Oscar Wilde’s The Ballad of Reading Goal and Jane Austen’s school house!

Find out why Reading was described as being famous for “The Three Bs”, which real-life “Call The Midwife” character lived here and why you shouldn’t keep an elephant in a pub. Whether this is the first time you’ve visited or you’ve lived here for years, you’re bound to discover something new!

NOTE: This tour is included in the RSX Weekend Pass.