Saturday Activity Schedule

Please find below a draft schedule for the Saturday daytime activities at the RSX Basecamp and Taster Venue.* You can also view the RSX 2017 Google Map and download an RSX At A Glance PDF document for your reference.

Basecamp Workshops

at the Rising Sun Arts Centre

11.00am 12.00pm Ukulele & Singing Workshop Upstairs
12.00pm 3.00pm Massage Available Downstairs
12.30pm 2.45pm Quiet/Safe Space  Upstairs
12.30pm 1.30pm Historic Tour Foyer
1.30pm 3.30pm Real Ale Tour Foyer
3.15pm 4.15pm Hair Flower Workshop Upstairs
Dance Tasters

at Hardcastle Hall, Abbey School

12.00pm 1.00pm Shim Sham Crash Course
1.15pm 2.15pm Collegiate Shag Taster
2.30pm 3.30pm Foxtrot Taster
3.45pm 4.45pm Blues Taster

*PLEASE NOTE: Activities and schedule are subject to change. A final activity list and schedule will be available at the Welcome Dance. Finish times are approximate for some activities. Some activities are included in your RSX ticket price and some require an extra charge, details can be found on our Saturday Activities page. Availability is limited on some activities. Sign ups for these activities will take place from 9.00pm at the Welcome Dance.