Please find below a selection of frequently asked questions that we hope you’ll find useful. More FAQs will be added in near future, so please check back again soon if we haven’t answered your question. You can also ask us a question by visiting our Contact Us webpage.

Help & Assistance

I have a question or problem, who should I contact and how?

A:    If you have any queries before the event you can get in touch by using our Contact Us webpage, messaging us on facebook, twitter or instagram.

As well as listing the RSX Committee Members, our Committee webpage also breaks down where you can get help and assistance for particular queries during the event.


I’ve lost something at an RSX event or left something at an RSX venue, what should I do?

A: Any lost property picked up by our volunteers during event set down will be kept at the Welcome Desk of the next event and can be reclaimed there. After RSX, items will be held for one month and details posted on our Facebook page in an effort to repatriate them with their owners. Any items not claimed after this time will be donated to charity.


Hosting & Accommodation

Can I get hosting if I’m from the UK?

A:     Yes, however hosting will be allocated on a first-come-first-served basis with priority given to those from furthest afield and all subject to hosting availability.


How do I apply for hosting?

A:     When you register for RSX on Eventbrite you will be asked if you require hosting, and from there you will be asked a number of questions to help us place you with the most appropriate host, subject to availability.


When and how will I find out if I can be hosted?

A:     Hosting allocations, dependent on supply and demand, will take place between May and August. We will endeavour to match as many hostees with hosts as possible and inform both parties by email as soon as possible and within a month of the event. If we cannot find you a host we will offer recommendations for alternative accommodation at the event.


I can host, what should I do next?

A:     During your RSX registration on Eventbrite please state your ability to host and answer the subsequent questions so we can match you up with the most suitable hostee possible.


What is the Hosting Rebate?

A:     As a little thank you for opening up your home and hosting an out-of-town RSX attendee, we would like to offer a £10 rebate.

Please Note: Rebates will only be processed if hosting takes place and after the conclusion of the event. Please see the RSX Terms & Conditions  for details.


As a host, am I obliged to feed my hostees?

A: RSX asks all hosts to offer hostees with a suitable place to sleep and shower. Anything beyond this is at the hosts’ discretion and should be communicated to the hostee by email prior to the event.


As a hostee, am I obliged to pay my host or bring them a gift?

A: RSX hosts are volunteers and as such do not expect payment for offering hosting. If you wish to bring a gift for your host then this is at your discretion.


How will I find my host at the Welcome Dance?

A: If you are being hosted please make this known when you arrive at the welcome desk for your wristband exchange. Our welcome desk volunteers can check to see if your host has arrived yet and point you in the right direction to ensure you make contact.


There aren’t enough hosts or I do not wish to be hosted. Where can I stay?

A:     We will be publishing a list of recommended local B&Bs and hotels etc on our Hosting & Accommodation webpage in the lead up to the event and this will also be included in the Event Booklet that will be emailed to all attendees.


Tickets & Booking

Where do I register for RSX?

A:     Once tickets are on sale, please purchase your RSX ticket online at Eventbrite. Links will be published on this site and via social media once tickets go on sale at noon on Sunday 14th April 2019.


How much are tickets?


Early Bird £45.00 per person
Standard Tickets £50.00 per person
Late CatTickets £55.00 per person


What is included in the Weekend ticket?

A:     Friday Night Welcome Dance | Saturday Night RSX Ball | Saturday Late Night Blues Jam | Sunday Afternoon Tea Dance | Sunday Farewell Blues Jam


What is not included in the Weekend ticket?

A:     Some Saturday daytime activities will not be included in your Weekend ticket. A full timetable of these activities will be included in your Event Booklet and these will be bookable at the Welcome Desk during the Friday Night Welcome Dance.

Activities will be announced as they are confirmed (where possible) so please keep an eye out on our Events webpage and social media for updates.

Please Note: These activities are subject to interest/availability/change. Selecting activities on registering for RSX on Eventbrite does not constitute a booking but an expression of interest to help us organise the Saturday activities.


Do I need a partner to register?

A:     No, but single lead and single follow passes are limited.

There will be no waiting list for early bird tickets. Once early bird solo follow or solo lead tickets sell out the standard tier solo follow or lead tickets will be triggered for sale and a waiting list active if these tickets sell out.

We will aim to balance the lead:follow ratio as much as possible but it would be greatly appreciated if you could encourage someone of the opposite role to register with you. If you need some help tracking down a booking partner, you’re welcome to post on our RSX Facebook Event.


I’m on the Waiting List, what does this mean?

A:    If single standard-price lead or single follow passes sell out a waiting list will be activated. If you register for a ticket that’s sold out (you don’t have to pay at this point) and you’ll be automatically added to the waiting list. The waiting list operates on a first-come-first-served basis unless you find a partner after registering and let us know (see below).

I’m on the Waiting List, what happens now?
As soon as someone of the opposite role registers a ticket will only be released to you. You will be informed by email that a ticket has become available to you and from then you have 2 days to purchase your ticket before it is passed on to the next person in the queue.

I’m somewhere on the Waiting List, but have now found a partner?
If you find a partner after being placed on the waiting list:

  1. Email us at readingswingexchange@gmail.com with both your name and you partner’s name.
  2. Ask your partner to purchase their single ticket.
  3. Once we receive both your email and your partner’s ticket purchase confirmation, we’ll release a ticket to you.
  4. You’ll then have 2 days to purchase your ticket.


Can I purchase tickets for single days/events?

A: We will be releasing a limited number of tickets for the RSX Ball nearer the time. These tickets will be valid for the Saturday Night RSX Ball at St Lawrence’s Church. Admittance to the RSX Blues Jam at Watlington House is subject to venue capacity with priority given to full Weekend ticket holders.

A limited number if single day tickets for Friday and Sunday may come available but this is not guaranteed and dependent on venue capacity.

We highly recommend you keep an eye out on our facebook page and event for more info about ticket releases.


I’ve bought my ticket but can no longer go. Can I get a refund?

A: Tickets to RSX are non-refundable. You can however pass on your ticket to another dancer of the same role (e.g. followers can pass on tickets to other followers and leaders can pass on tickets to other leaders). If you do transfer your ticket please email us at readingswingexchange@gmail.com to let us know the name and contact details of who is taking your ticket to that we can update our records for the Welcome Desk.


What are the Terms & Conditions and why do I have to agree with them before I can register?

A:     You must read and accept the RSX Terms & Conditions in order to attend RSX. The Terms & Conditions contain important information regarding thing such as the Cancellation Policy, Hosting Rebate, Alcohol Policy as well as the RSX Code Of Conduct by which we expect all attendees to abide.

The Terms & Conditions are there to ensure that everyone has a safe and enjoyable time at this event. Failure to comply with any of the Terms & Conditions may result in your removal from a venue and/or the event entirely without any refund and could result in a ban from future events.


Can I bring my non-dancing partner?

A:     Yes! Non-dance partners are welcome but they will require a ticket, which are the same for dancers and non-dancers. This is due to venue capacity restrictions and health and safety.  There will be a couple of non-dance events taking place during the day on Saturday and live music to enjoy at the Friday Welcome Dance, Saturday RSX Ball and Late Night Blues Jam.


Where and when will I get my wristband?

A:     Weekend wristband exchange will take place at the Welcome Desk during the Friday Night Welcome Dance from 8:00pm – 11:30pm. If you can’t make the Welcome Dance, wristbands can also be collected at our RSX Basecamp on Saturday between 12:00pm-4:00pm. Wristbands for the RSX Ball ticket holders only will be exchanged on the door at the RSX Ball venue from 8:00pm-10:00pm only. Please bring have with you your confirmation email (no need to print, a copy on your phone/tablet is sufficient) and suitable ID.


Do I need to wear my wristband during the entire event?

A:     Yes! Wristbands will be checked at every venue, every time you enter. If your wristband is damaged, please bring it and your confirmation email (digital copy is fine) and ID to the Welcome/Info desk of the next venue where our volunteers can assist you with a replacement.


When will I receive the event booklet?

A: You can expect your RSX Event Booklet to be emailed to you around mid-August, subject to event confirmations and booking date.


I’ve purchased an RSX t-shirt/tote bag, when will I receive it?

A:     This year our RSX merchandise orders are being fulfilled via Red Bubble who will ship your purchases directly to your door.


Travel & Transport

How do I get to Reading?

A: BY RAIL: Reading is super accessible by rail, serving as a meeting point of many of the UK’s main rail lines. Reading has two train stations; the main station of Reading and the local stop of Reading West covering the Oxford Road area. Reading Station is just to the south of town centre between the centre and Caversham. Tickets for journeys into Reading usually include travel to/from Reading West. Visit the National Rail website for train times, ticket prices and service updates.

BY AIR: Trains run directly from Gatwick Airport to Reading Station and travel to and from Heathrow Airport is easy via the RailAir coach

BY ROAD: Unfortunately, Reading isn’t so great for parking. The town centre has several multi-stories but these will be expensive to use for the weekend (around £20/day) and the majority of streets are resident-only parking (with traffic wardens who can be a bit… enthusiastic). If you’re being hosted, your host may be able to offer temporary permits for their roads, so please let them know in advance if you’re intending to bring your car. Alternatively have a look at Just Park or Parkopedia for alternative local parking options.


Is there parking available at the venues?

A:     We recommend guests walk, cycle or use public transport between events wherever possible. Parking in Reading town centre is limited and seldom free, with changes to parking restrictions occurring regularly. There are a number of multistorey carparks available but please check the times and fees before travelling. If you can’t avoid driving, you may find services such as Parkopedia useful. 


Venues & Events

When is Reading Swing Exchange?

A:     Friday 30th August  – Sunday 1st September 2019.


What time does the first event start on the Friday and the last event finish on the Sunday?

A:     The Welcome Dance commences at 8:00pm on Friday evening and our Sunday Farewell Blues finishes at approximately 7.00pm.


Where are the events being held?

A:    All event locations and details, including maps, parking information and individual venue alcohol policies, will be posted on our Events web page as they are confirmed. Full information will be included in your Event Booklet also.


What daytime/non-social dancing activities can I look forward to?

A:      We’re still finalising these at the moment and full details and sign ups will be provided at Welcome Dance.


Can I bring my own alcohol to the events?

A:     Only to some. Please refer to our Venue web page [add link] for the exact alcohol policy of each individual venue. Guests must adhere to these policies or risk violating the Terms & Conditions of their attendance.

Will there be food available at the events?

A:   We will endeavour to provide a small amount of snacks at each of the social dances with the exception of any venues that supply food. These provisions should not be considered substitutes for meals and we encourage everyone to make sure they eat well throughout the weekend to keep yourself fueled for all the dancing!

With our limited budget unfortunately we aren’t able to cater for all dietary needs. We will do our best to provide dairy-free milk where possible, and a gluten-free cake option at the Sunday tea dance, however we can’t guarantee that these will be available. All our events may have gluten, nuts, dairy products or other allergens present. We can’t guarantee that free-from products aren’t cross-contaminated by other products available.

You’re welcome to bring your own milk alternatives and cakes/snacks to RSX events, with the exception of venues that sell allergen-free products. We ask that home-made treats be for personal consumption only. If you’d like to share commercially made products these should be given to a member of the RSX committee in their original packaging to show the ingredients.


Will there be a separate balboa/fast tempo room?

A:      No, we believe that there’s a place for all swing dance styles, Balboa and Shag included, on the one dance floor and our bands and DJs will play a range of tempos to suit as many people as possible.


Will there be somewhere for me to store my belongings at the events?

A:      We will aim to a designated cloakroom area for belongings wherever possible.

Please Note: Belongings left unattended at events are done so at your own risk. Whilst we like to think of our community as honest, RSX committee and volunteers cannot take any responsibility for belongings lost or stolen during the weekend.


Will food be provided at events/can you recommend places to eat?

A:      Some snacks and nibbles will be available during each dance to keep you fuelled on the dancefloor but these snacks will not be substitutes for regular meals. Our Welcome/Info desk volunteers can direct you to local food options nearby.


Will there be any competitions at RSX?

A:      Yes, just one! RSX is all about the social dancing, so we’re hosting a BEST SOCIAL DANCER competition.


Will there be a photographer at the events?

A:      Yes! There will be a designated RSX photographer at each of our social dances. Guests are also welcome to take and share their own photos from the weekend, though we ask that they respect other’s privacy should anyone ask them to take down any publicly viewable photos and that you request permission from the photographer/s before using any of their photos. Similarly, we will not tag any photos we post up on our social media.


Volunteering  (including DJing)

I wish to volunteer, how do I do this?

A:      You can volunteer for RSX when you register online on Eventbrite. Answer yes and fill in the subsequent fields to nominate yourself. If you decide to volunteer after registering, please drop us a line at readingswingexchange@gmail.com to let us know!


What kind of tasks are required of volunteers and can I choose what I volunteer for?

A:     A list of example tasks can be found on our Volunteer webpage. If you have particular skills or requirements please make these known in the appropriate field when registering for RSX or emailing us about volunteering so we can endeavour to match you up with the most suitable shift.


When and how will I know what volunteer shifts I’ve been assigned?

A:      You will receive an email your allocated shifts and further details around mid-August.


I cannot make my allocated volunteering shift, what should I do?

A:      Please inform us as soon as possible so she can try to find someone to cover your shift. If you know you can’t make a shift before the event please email use as readingswingexchange@gmail.com to notify us. During the event please contact one by phone of our Committee Members.


I’m volunteering but have a question or problem, who should I contact and how?

Before the event: email the us at readingswingexchange@gmail.com
During the event: contact us by phone – see our Committee webpage for details.


I have volunteered to DJing, what do I need to know?

A:      Music and technical specs and the DJ timetable will be e-mailed to you in the run-up to the event.